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Life at Meister

Life at Meister

Take the future in your hands

At Meister Abrasives we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we live through high-precision grinding technology. The Meister team is on a mission to develop innovative solutions for future applications and define the superabrasives grinding world of tomorrow. We are always on the lookout for unique talents who are passionate about technology and are ready to embark on an exciting journey as We Grind The Future.

Welcome to our world!

Welcome to our world!

Pioneer in the high-precision grinding industry, Meister Abrasives is a leading international and highly innovative company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge superabrasive solutions for future technology applications.

Led by the curiosity to discover, to develop, and to challenge the status quo, we strive not only to imagine but to create a life of endless opportunities. In other words: We Grind The Future.

Where technology meets innovation

Where technology meets innovation

Technologies are evolving at a quick pace and so are we. We are a dynamic team driven by the desire to make a difference; to create value for our customers and partners; to have a positive impact on the world we live in; to empower people in their everyday life. We combine our decades-long expertise with the burning desire for meaningful innovation to create cutting-edge technological solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible to enter the realm of the impossible.

Because simply keeping up with trends is not enough for us. Defining the industry standards and providing the highest precision solutions for future applications to shape the world of tomorrow is only suitable for us.

Uniquely diverse

Uniquely diverse

The more diverse life is, the better. Same goes for our team. We believe that our differences do not alienate us but actually bring us closer, give us the opportunities to learn from one another and expand our horizons. At Meister Abrasives we celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms and strive to create space where everyone feels valued for the uniqueness they carry within.

Keep your balance and move forward

Keep your balance and move forward

To develop solutions that empower people in their everyday life, our employees must also be empowered to keep a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours and home office possibilities enable them to do that.

At Meister Abrasives we believe that it is important to keep moving, to keep developing oneself both personally and professionally. Therefore, it is only natural that we encourage lifelong learning by supporting our employees in their endeavors to further develop their skills and knowledge.


Diverse and International

Talents from over 20 nationalities constitute the Meister family

Continuous Innovation

More than 50% of our turnover is generated with products developed in the last 5 years

Customized Solutions

Innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers

Technology Driven

Cutting-edge technological solutions for high-precision grinding applications

Market Leader

Extensive experience in developing and manufacturing customized industrial superabrasive tools

Strong Values

The embodiment of Swissness – exceptional quality and precision, coupled with strong family values and a drive for innovation

Work environment

Just as the habitat in which plants are growing is crucial for them to bloom, the environment in which individuals are working is essential for them to thrive. This is why we put special attention to continuously improving the ambiance in which our talents thrive – from the physical spaces and healthy meal offerings to the way we infuse the brand’s values into our corporate culture.

It is our goal to maintain a safe space where each and every one is welcome to share ideas, express thoughts, and exchange opinions. Because we believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute, it is our mission to foster an environment of inclusion and open communication where creativity and ideation is nurtured.

To boost the physical well-being and energy of our talents, seasonal fresh fruits are provided all-year round and nutritious lunch meals prepared with locally sourced products are available daily. Or as the Latin saying goes: “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Our values: part of everything we do

Our values: part of everything we do

From a small Swiss company founded in 1951 to an international superabrasives leader, Meister Abrasives never lost sight of its roots and always remained true to its family values. The importance of shared Trustworthiness, Mutual Respect, Responsibility, Belonging, and Commitment that our founder Mr. Konrad Meister infused in the brand’s ethos when he first established the company has persisted throughout the years.

Discover our values

Our Benefits at a Glance

As a valuable part of the Meister team, we support you in several ways:


Internal and external training opportunities

Vacations and Home Office

Generous vacations plan and home office opportunities


Electric charging stations for e-cars, free parking lots and commuting allowances


Competitive accident insurance and sick leave insurance

Employee Events

Great team spirit and exciting employee events

Health in Focus

Fresh fruit and water available in all offices, as well as subsidized daily lunch meals prepared with locally sourced products

Take the next step

Have we sparked your curiosity and ignited your desire to leave a mark in Meister’s story? Are you eager to be an active part of an international and dynamic team? Do you feel ready to share your expertise with us and also learn along the way? Then send us your complete application today.